RealVideoTour Add-On’s

Floor Plan (Starts at $75)

We scan the home and generate a Floor Plan complete with labels, icons, and approximate room measurements – yay for technology!

$75 (1st 1500 sqft) + $25 (per additional 1500 sqft)

Example of 2D Floor Plan

3D Home Tour (Starts at $75)

How about some Virtual Reality to make your listing stand out?   Add a 3D Home Tour to any Photo or Video package.  Includes First floor – $25 per additional floor.

Homes with Zillow 3D tours have sold 10% faster on average and were 22% more likely to sell in the first 30 days compared to homes without a Zillow 3D tour!

  • Listings with Zillow 3D Home tours get premium placement in search results on Zillow for the first seven days that the listing is posted.
  • Listings with Zillow 3D Home tours get special email pushes to home shoppers prompting them to view the listing and 3D Home tour.
  • For sale and rentals listings with Zillow 3D Home tours have a special tag that helps them stand out in a shopper’s search result pages on Zillow and Trulia.

Example of a 3D Home Tour

Evening Photos (Starts at $125)

Glowing twilight photos can work for listings with lots of windows.  $125 for the first view and $25 for the second (if you want two).

Example of Evening Photo

Voice Overs (Starts at $75)

Voice Overs really enhance the RealVideoTour by emphasizing specific details of the home.  You can do one yourself or have a professional read of a script.

Personal VO:  $75

Example of Personal Voice Over

Professional VO:  Start at $200.

Example of Professional Voice Over

Time Lapse Clip ($25/Clip)

Time Lapses are a series of photos taken over a long period of time and then combined into a short video.

Add a Time Lapse Clip to any Video package to enhance the media.

Example of Time Lapse Clip

Stock Media for Continuous Use ($15/photo - $30/video clip)

If you want any media for continuous use – like for social media, web sites, multiple listings in a neighborhood, etc., we are happy to sell you a license for that.  $15/photo – $30/video clip.  If you want a bunch, let’s talk about a volume discount.

Check out our Stock Media Albums

Additional Real Estate Photos ($5/photo)

Need more photos?  We are happy to add them.

Travel Outside Boulder County (Starts at $25)

Sorry, it is just business.  Travel outside of Boulder County starts at $25

Aerial Media (Starts at $175)

Does your listing need some media from above?   Real Estate Aerial Media is the answer.

Up to 10 Aerial Photos:  $175.

Up to 15 Aerial Media (Photos and Video clips):  $225.

Example of Aerial Media

Royalty-Free Musical Themes

We chose a royalty-free musical theme for your RealVideoTour Full Real Estate Video.  If you want to change the musical theme, check out other options from our extensive list.

Examples of Royalty-Free Musical Themes

Same Day Delivery ($150)

In a rush?  We can deliver photos, video, and 3D Home Tours by 5:00pm on the same day.  A morning appointment is required and the additional fee is $150.

0012 Viele Lake w Flatirons 3 E 1920 - Add-Ons
0225 South Boulder Home Deck Flatirons Views 5TMDE E 1920 - Add-Ons

These RealVideoTour Add-On’s are designed to make your project stand out in the crowd.  Chose from many RealVideoTour add-on’s including:  Additional Photos, 3D Home Tours, Floor Plans, Evening Photos, Time Lapses, Aerial Media, Custom Voice Overs, etc.  The RealVideoTour Add-On’s are an affordable way to add that boost to get your listing noticed.

What is a Zillow Select Photographer? Visit our Zillow Select Photographer Guidelines for details.